Resolved by the HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Church Council on its final discussion of the Apostle OB Magagula 2017 Speech on the 2nd July 2017:

  • The HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi shall operate subject to the condition set out in its Apostle 2017 June Speech, Constitution, Itinerary, Preaching Plan And Policies subsequently agreed to by the entire WhiteHazyNsikazi Church Council for the purpose of clarity or for exemption from or administration purposes.
  • The HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi within their territories is hereby authorized to sign the 2017 Apostle’s Strategic and Performance Leadership Speech.
  • The Apostle is hereby authorized by this HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Church Council to supervise the operation of this Document/Speech and other HUC Policies and Documents. When HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches have failed to honour and adhere to the said documents and prescripts, the Apostle is herewith authorized to exercise this Document/Speech in rebuking or admonishing or correcting the affairs and the members of the Church.
  • Helgelseforbundent Sweden found the Church, Herein the Church has solemnly agreed that the Name of the Church shall “HOLINESS UNION CHURCH WHITEHAZYNSIKAZI BRANCHES” and it shall be officially abbreviated as “HUC”. They solemnly pledge themselves to be governed by this Document and other HUC Policies and its provisions in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit under the name and philosophy of Holiness Union Church.
  • The Apostle- OB Magagula and HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi l is hereby conferring all Authorities to this Document/Speech and its provisions (Acts, Constitution, Ordinances and by-laws) to be fully exercised by her members. And that all Branch Leadership shall on behalf of the Apostle supervise its execution and practice of the said documents, and that all Branch Leadership shall be accountable to the Apostle and HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership to the submission of this Document/Speech and other related HUC Documents.

In the witness whereof HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Church Council and seal this ___________, day of  ____________________ 2017








APOSTLE OB MAGAGULA                           




Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ to Make Apostle BT Magagula, Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane who is the Chairperson of the Council and Assistant to the Apostle, All Pastors, Chief Administrator Make TS Ndashe, Preachers, Local Branches’ Administrators and Treasures.

It is of great honor to address you in such a critical time where the Country is in technical recession and our political stability is under threat by internal and external forces. We are reading and hearing of a number of negative reports about our Country and I am encouraging your good-selves as Leaders to spend time in praying for both the Country and the Church Of God. Let’s try by all means to emerge from all forms of oppressions and live a holy, honesty life with full of integrity. We placed in this Universe to display the good work of our Almighty, to shine and become the salt of the World. Let people be boldly to talk about our good conduct and behavior.

I would like to appreciate everyone who contributed in all offerings of the Church especial in tithes because without tithes we won’t be able to run the Church. This is one of the most difficulty areas in the academy of worship and this hit hard to those who are collecting the offerings and tithes especially when  the needs of the offerings becomes inadequate to meet the demand of the Church and as a result they end up getting deep into their own pockets. The Lord God is observing them and He is speedily bringing their season of abundance and restoration of peace in their families.

2016 and the first quarter of 2017 were the most difficult times for us in HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi, we have lost a number of our members especially our Young People in the Church through death.  My wife has also lost her sister who comes after her but we thank God who strengthen us all the times. I must also indicate again that we have had a number of good times as a Church. We have exceptional did very well when it comes to the fulfillment and achievement of the objectives which we have set for ourselves. We have attended almost all the activities which we have planned for ourselves. I must take this opportunity to thank and appreciate you especially the leadership for supporting and believing in my vision which God has entrusted in me. Without your support in whatever forms I would not been have achieve the Goals which I have set for the Church. I am therefore proud of you, I am always talking about yourselves where ever I go, I dream and meditate about WhiteHazyNsikazi, God is showing me a good picture which is ahead of us and it will be successful if we continue to be united and become open to one another.

I want to declare February as the month of the beginning of our financial year. We shall be beginning our year or Church Calendar in every February of each year, which then implies that our books shall be closing in January. Before I touch into our Future Plans I want to appeal to all of you to consider Item No.2 as a corner stone of the existence of the Church. Submission promoted our Lord Jesus Christ, reading Phillipians 2: 5-10 “Mawube kini lowo mqondo owawukhona nakuKristu Jesu, owathi enesimo sikaNkulunkulu, akaze asho ukuthi kuyinto yokuphangwa ukulingana noNkulunkulu. Kepha wazidela ethabatha isimo senceku, enziwe ngomfanekiso wabantu, wathi efunyenwe enjengomuntu ngesimilo, wazithobisa, elalela kwaze kwaba sekufeni, yebo ekufeni kwesiphambano. Ngalokho-ke uNkulunkulu wamphakamisa kakhulu, wamnika igama eliphezu kwamagama onke. Ukuze kuthi ngegama likaJesu amadolo onke aguqe, awabasezulwini, nawabasemhlabeni, nawabangaphansi komhlaba.


What holds the church? Is the Bible? People flocking into HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi are not joining the church only but also the Leader. They are moved by his teachings and objectives. Yes some might have been influenced by others among you and your influence was that of the Apostle, the Apostle who happened to influence you by the preaching of the Word of God. If you don’t know or don’t understand where the Apostle is going, you will be a problem because you might lead people to the wrong direction and you will cause conflict in the church and eventually serve your interest not the interest of the church which is embraced in the vision of the Apostle and HUC at large.

Let me borrow some words from another Writer from the book of Numbers 11: 1 – 3 “Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of the Lord, and when he heard them His anger was aroused. Then fire from the Lord burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp. When the people cried out to Moses, he prayed to the Lord and the fire died down. So that place was called Taberah, because fire from the Lord had burned among them”

  • Nothing makes God so angry than a person who complains because when he complains he do it by telling others about his doubts and that by itself is influencing people against the leadership. God says that everyone has the freedom of approaching the Moses to ask about him about his doubts
  • In fact, going around complaining to the people will not give an answer to your problem instead you are destroying everyone about your problems, about the Leadership and also destroying yourself. Even if the complaint is genuine God condemns it to its fullest as it was here.
  • When the fire came down the whole camp was in fire but the people who were consumed were those in the outskirts because once people have begun complaining they don’t sit in the front but at the back, start holding back their offerings, always telling people of their doubts about the church leadership

Israel’s vision was clear, to come out from Egypt and possess the Promise Land, But the vision alone is not enough to hold the church together.

Numbers 11: 14 – 17, What Moses must do:

  • To appoint 70 Leaders
  • Bring them into the Presence of God – the Bishop must ensure that the Presence of God is felt in the church

The very word authority conjures up images of oppression and abuse, and yet life in the universe and on planet earth cannot function without it.

There are benefits and opportunities connected to authority that most people have never dreamed of. The greatest problem in our world especially in churches today is a basic disrespect of authority with an accompanying disregard and dismissal of it. The fundamental reason for this problem is that most people harbor basic false ideas about the nature of authority.

Submission is for our good, because submission is commanded of God it must also be good and should benefit us in some ways. Submission places us under the protection of authority. When we submit to authority we come under the protection of that authority.  Submission to authority is like an umbrella over our heads that protects us from the rain or the hot sun.  As long as we stay under it we are safe.  It is a biblical principle that those in positions of authority will be held accountable for those under them.  It follows that I am protected when I am under authority.   This protection may be legal protection; it may be spiritual protection, physical or social protection. God did not give authority to dominate, but to protect.  In Num. 30:1-16 God gives instructions concerning those under authority that make unwise decisions.  If they are under authority they are protected from making mistakes, since those in authority over them are responsible.  Authority protects us. We need to learn to appreciate it.

Submission provides freedom for God to shape our character, Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness.” (Hebrews 12:9, 10)

Hebrews 5:8 says of Jesus, “Although he was a son he learned obedience from what he suffered.”

Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time but rather painful.  Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace to those who have been trained by it. Submission provides an opportunity for God to guide us, another benefit of authority is that it can lead us or give direction to our lives. GOD PROVIDES DIRECTION IN OUR LIVES THROUGH THOSE IN AUTHORITY OVER US.  So many times we miss the best path simply because we don’t acknowledge those in authority over us.  We miss their wisdom and insight because we don’t want to listen to them.  We should fear to do things against the advice of those in authority over us.  Again and again scripture gives examples of authority figures giving advice or direction to those under them. Abraham helped find a wife for his son Isaac in Gen. 24.  Moses’ father in law helped him with wise advice in Exodus 18:13-24.  Timothy was instructed in the way of the Lord by his mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5).  Much of the teaching which we have in the New Testament came from Paul or another church leader giving instructions on how to live the Christian life.  We need to listen to those over us.  (Give a personal example if possible)

God uses leaders who are properly submitted to authority.  He cannot bless rebellion.  So many pastors and ministers are struggling in their call, trying desperately to do great things for God but they have failed to recognize authority.  Others are externally submitted to authority but inwardly they are just waiting for a good opportunity to leave.  They struggle to obey the requirements of their leaders and don’t fully support them financially or spiritually.  In order for God’s fullest blessing to flow, a leader must recognize and submit to God’s appointed authority.  GET IN A POSITION OF TRUE SUBMISSION TO RECEIVE THE COMMISSION OF GOD.

Lack of submission places us under the wrath of God, Rebellion against authority brings serious consequences. The reason is given in Romans 13:1, 2 where Paul tells us that resisting the authorities is resisting something that God has established.  It says that those who rebel will “bring judgment upon themselves.” The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 15:23 “rebellion is like the sin of divination” (or witchcraft).  This is a serious sin!  Why is rebellion so serious that it is compared to witchcraft?  When we are involved in witchcraft we expose ourselves to direct attack from the enemy.  We open the door and welcome his power to influence us. In the same way when we rebel, we remove ourselves from God’s ordained protection.  We have come out from the protection of the umbrella.  Once we are not under God’s protection we are in enemy territory where the enemy has a wide open door to attack us. That is why excommunication from the church is referred to as, “handing over to Satan” (1 Corinthians 5:5).Many believers believe that rebellion is a small issue that can easily be joked about.  Comments like, “He can’t tell me what to do!” and “I listen only to the Lord” may sound very innocent but they are deadly poison.

You may think that it doesn’t hurt to talk evil about the government leaders, your boss, your husband, your parents or even the pastor.  But God’s word makes it a serious sin.  Numbers 16 gives the account of the rebellion of Korah in which he and another 250 men challenged the authority of Moses.  Korah basically said to Moses, “You’re not special.  We can also do what you do.” He didn’t recognize that Moses was God’s appointed leader.  The result?  The death of more than 14,000 people!  God doesn’t appreciate disrespect for his leader!. Disrespect for parents is just as serious and is a violation of the 5th commandment. (See Deuteronomy 5:16 and Ephesians 6:1-3) This is a commandment with a promise, “So that you may live long and it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you” and an implied curse for disobedience.  In


Its important to remind all of you about the existence of the Church, the Church started from the book of Acts, we are the products of the Early Church and the main purpose is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth” , Matthews 28:19-20 indicates the same idea, Umhlaba mkhulu, live libanti, lets allow the Church to grow and expand to each an every street, look at the bottle stores, they are all over. One thing we need to notice about the above verse, it should be all about Christ, Christ be the center of our lives, not about us, not about our Church and again our main task, our main commission is to witness or testify about Christ, where ever we go, we should be ashamed if we don’t adhere to the above task

Let me then allude to the Vision and Mission of HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi for the benefit of those who have recently joined us, we do have a Vision which is driven by our Apostle and it must be indicated that it’s a SHARED VISION and it is as follows:

3.1.     VISION

To become an equipping and mobilizing church that transforms our world for Jesus Christ.


 To be the church that displays the love of Christ and connects with people of all walks of life through our creative services, discipleship, outreach, and the establishment of multiple branches.


  • To establish an Auditorium Centre @ Bhuga for WhiteHazNsikazi
  • To also establish an Orphanage or Home-Base Care Centre for   the Church
  • To make White-HazyNsikazi a welfare focused Church. 
  • To place White-HazyNsikazi as a Development oriented Church
  • To ensure that White-HazyNsikazi is financial stable
  • To grow in the experience of Christian prayer as it is defined   and practiced in the Bible, to the glory of God. John 14:13
  • To develop every Christian’s capacity for the worship and praise of God.
  • To ensure the promotion of spiritual and numerical growth of HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi
  • To expand the territory of HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi through the establishment of Mission Work and Tent Ministry (Matt.28:19).


HUC WhiteHazynsikazi is the combination or comprises of six (6) Branches namely: Jerusalem, Bhuga, Makoko, Nhlalakahle, Khumbula and Tekatakho. The Work was established by Apostle OB Magagula and His Wife in 2008 after they have handed-over two branches which have also established and those branches are KaMagugu in Nelspruit and Khulekani in Jeppes Reef. In 2008, Apostle OB Magagula and His Wife were involved in a serious car accident at Jerusalem. The accident took place while they were from their first Mid-Week Services at HUC Jerusalem. Apostle OB Magagula was one of the people who were pioneers in the establishment of HUC Jerusalem and he was the Circuit Chairperson of HUC Shongwe Circuit by then. Due to distance, the HUC Shongwe Circuit failed to grow the work and it was abandoned hence the Apostle took over and revived the Work. Jerusalem was followed by Bhuga, Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane has played a vital role in establishment of Bhuga, after she has been serving under Apostle OB Magagula at KaMagugu she then felt obligated to request him to assist in the establishment of the Branch in 2011. After Bhuga, Makoko and Nhlalakahle followed with Pastor MU Hadebe who joined HUC from Latter-Rain Church in Manyeveni and eventually we were joined by Pastor MG Mbuyane and Pastor BR Khoza. Khumbula and Tekatakho are the newly established branches which needs special attention.

In terms of the Structure, Apostle OB Magagula remains the Visionary Holder & the FACE for HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi on behalf of HUC at large. All issues of the Church (administrative and spiritual) begin with him before it could be shared or discussed to his Pastors (Synod). He set the tone for Church and provides strategic leadership of the Church. He is also in-charge for the appointment approval of appointments, documents, drawing of Preaching Plan, allocation and re-allocation of Pastors and Preachers. He is doing all the Executive powers in consultation with His Pastors And Leadership. Once the Pastors who are the leaders of the Church have discussed and agreed on issues which have initiated or reported by the Apostle, the issues will then be discussed and shared amongst Preachers and General Leadership or Council of the Church- HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi. The Executive HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi is led by Apostle, Make Apostle, Pastor MH Muhari who is the second in-charge, Pastor MU Hadebe, Pastor BR Khoza, Pastor MG Mbuyane, TS Ndashe, JB Zulu, Administrator & Deputy Chairperson. Administratively, HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi is led by Make TS Ndashe who is the Chief Administrator. She also serves as Secretary to the HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Synod (Executive Leadership) and Personal Assistant to the Apostle. The Executive Leadership shall on time to time hold meetings with their Preachers and Church Council of WhiteHazyNsikazi.

The Preachers are as follows: SS Ntiwane, JJ Mlimi, TS Ndashe, T Lubisi, CA Shongwe, MG Mabuza, S Shongwe, SV Zwane, S Sibande, T Shakwane and IM Fakudze.


Generally, our branches are doing well because they are able to hold their Sunday Services except for Tekatakho. With regard to both spiritual and numerical growth, our branches are moving very slowly, members are accepting Christ and they are indeed joining our branches but again we seems to loose them along the way. I have picked up that the issue of submission to authority and love remains the main challenge that is the causing decline of membership. Those who are leaders in branches are not showing signs of love and tender-care. Bazalwane bafuna kunakekelwa, batsandvwe, bafundziswe kuthandaza bangatototiswa. Kukhuluma kwetfu akungabi nenzondo futsi asilikhulumeni kahle Libandla letfu. Sikhulume kahle ngeBaholi betfu, sime evini, singatsembisi lesingenakufeza, asikhutsaleni etinkonzweni tekhatsi nemaviki.

Our project should be Tekatakho and Nhlalakahle, I tried twice to go to Tekatakho but I have personally established that there are no consistence in terms of services, in fact there is a lot to be done. I must indicate that this is as a result of the fact that the Pastor is no longer residing closer to the area due to work and we are not doing enough to meet his personal needs due to financial constraints. I will therefore be soon meeting with the Pastor and other Leaders for intervention and way-forward purposes. I will ensure that the branches gain the necessary membership number required by the Church. I am pleased to report that we were quick to pick up the challenges which were in a form of forces/attack which were aiming to sow unnecessary disgruntlement and gossiping at Bhuga hence the Revival. I am requesting the Leadership to assist inforce the spirit of unity and oneness at all times. I am consistently monitoring the branches, let’s then continue to support one another. Currently Jerusalem and Bhuga have been trying all their level best financially to boost the HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Account, they are our Reservoir and One, Pastors are currently getting something although its little, half is better than nothing, and I must indicate that the initiative was as a result of the issue of Reservoir.  Khumbula is coming very well; they are growing spiritually, numerically and financially although I must indicate that they were supposed to have been far financially.

Leadership, I must stress that we are not faithful in offering and tithing, I am giving all of you the month of June to work out the issue of unfaithfulness. Ngenyanga bekumele ngabe senta R89 780. 000 as WhiteHazyNsikazi otherwise we don’t qualify to be Leaders if we will not be committed financially. I will be seeing the Treasure, Ms JB Zulu on a regular basis to check compliance; I am requesting that she develop a Tracking Register, AYIQALE KITSI, without discipline and submission to authority as I have mentioned above, we won’t be able to grow our branches spiritually, numerically and financially as anticipated. Growth and strong leadership will also be manifested once we adhere to the followings: Discipline, love, honest, integrity, faithfulness, engaging into prayer sessions, formulation of Teams for Cell Groups, honoring of Mid-Week Itineraries and adherence into topics provided.


5.1.1. Pastors and Leaders should always adhere to the Vision Holder’s appeal, advice and directive

5.1.2. Pastors and Preachers are expected to adhere to the Preaching Plan at all times, considering that time and prayer have been put together during the time when the schedule is prepared and the plan has been drafted to address the vision of the Church, it has also been drafted to ensure proper rotation of Preachers in the branches for the enhancement of their gifts. The issue of Preachers is the way to go

5.1.3. Pastors and Preachers are advice to implement the Cell Group method so that the branches are able to grow in numbers

5.1.4. Mid-Week Services and House to House Visits are to be conducted timeously and relevant topics are to be considered and implemented

5.1.5. Our Focus from now going forward should be The Book Of Acts and the Our Branches requires to be thoroughly taught about Prayer, we are seriously lacking when it comes to Prayer, we don’t have Prayer Teams, let’s develop and encourage our members to have prayer partners. The Bible is stressing in Thessalonians that we should prayer constantly. Without prayer, the Circuit to be will never be a success and again it should not about us. Prayer is the way to go and it should be inforce. We should have a bigger picture and a bigger picture is HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi, Our branches should not be our idols especially if we are to implement Mark 16:15 or Matthews 28:18-19.

5.1.6. A Church without a Team for Mission Work or Tent Ministry is a receipt for destruction, we should not always find ourselves into comfort zones, we should move out from our cocoons. So Pastors and Preachers must always support the idea which the Apostle has introduced, Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane and Pastor MG Mbuyane are the only vehicles for the success of the above and a plan of action should be obtained from the Leader- Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane

5.1.7. Let’s embrace the idea of Reservoir – Should be Our Own Jerusalem-refer to the Early Church (Tikhondlakhondla), as we will be establishing more branches let’s ensure that our Reservoir is encouraged and properly maintained because they will be our Fall Back. Acts 15: 28 It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements. ETINTFWENI TONKHE BUTA INTSANDVO YAKHE

5.1.8Constant Revivals, Sound Administration, Committed, dedicated and Prayerful Leadership and Follow Up Support should be the order of the day if we want to witness growth in our Branches. Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane will continue to lead us on the issue of Follow Up Support to ensure the implementation of Monitoring And Evaluation


  • Construction of proper (Appropriate) Church Structures (Buildings) with bathrooms in some Areas
  • Established Strong & Willing Leadership
  • Established Reservoir (Jerusalem & Bhuga)
  • Through donations and contributions from our own Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane we are currently building Church Structures in Swaziland-Ndlalambie, She donated R20 000.00. Constructing Waste Management Company is underway, constructed a fully-fledged Early Child Development Centre known as Crèche  And Child Nutrition Development Centre known as Hloyisani which has costed her R1 500 000.00,  Conducted two major Revivals in Bhuga which has costed almost R65 000.00, Bought PA Systems in Bhuga and Makoko valued to R40 000.00.  Assisted a number of other Local Churches that includes Latter-Rain in Los, KaMhlushwa HUC, and Accommodation for HUC NationalSynod, built a fully-fledged house in Gutshwa and donation of Food Parcels to a number of Communities in the Local Area and in Swaziland valued to R75 000.00. It must also be registered that the Temporarily Structure of Bhuga was constructed within a week and she also add her substantial amount towards the construction, it was approximately to R35 000.00. She has not stopped there, she assisted both Khumbula and Nhlalakahle with R50 000.00 and R5 000.00 respectively. Again Through Donations and Contributions from our own Mr LA Lubisi, we have registered the followings: Painting and Plastering of both Jerusalem Church, Mission House, Bathrooms and pitch toilets), procurement of school shoes ect, Again through Him we are in a process of paving the entire Yard in the Church and construction of a fully-fledged Office for the Apostle. LEADERSHIP, IT’S IMPORTANT FOR ME TO MENTION THE ABOVE AS A LEADER AND SPIRITUAL FATHER OF THE SAID INDIVIDUALS, I WILL BE WRONG IF I DON’T THANK AND APPRECIATE THEM OPENLY BECAUSE THEIR EFFORTS ARE SO SUBSTENTIAL VALUED OF 2MILLION. I AM HAPPY THAT 70% HAVE BEEN SPENT IN THE CHURCH ENDLINI YENGCEBO, KUNGENTEKA SINGABI NEMALI LENINGI EBANK, BUT OUR ASSETS SPEAKS A VOLUME. I THEREFORE APPEAL TO THEM AND OTHERS WHO HAVE NOT YET DECLARED TO ME TO CONTINUE WITH THE GOOD WORK AND BAKHULISE NESIKHWAMA SE-WHITEHAZYNSIKAZI,  NGESISWATI UMA TINTFO TIHAMBA KAHLE KUBANTFWANA, LABADZALA BATSI KUTALA KUTELULA EMATSAMBO KANTSI NAKUNGAHAMBI KAHLE BATSI AKATALANGA WABOLA EMATFUMBU, KAFUPHI NAKUKUHLE BAYABUTA KUTSI UNGUMUSA WABANI? HENCE WE ARE RECORDING THESE ACHIEVEMENTS UNDER HUC WHITEHAZYNSIKAZI, UNDER THE STEWARDSHIP OF APOSTLE OB MAGAGULA. THEY MADE ALL OF US PROUD; WE ARE ON THE TALK-SHOW AND ON THE MAP OF HUC NATIONAL HENCE ABANAKO LEBANGASINQABELA NGAKO KUTSI SINGABI YI-CIRCUIT. TO ATTEST YOU MUST VIEW THE COLUMN OR FACE BOOK OF HON TZ KHOZA, AN MP, HE PRESENTED OUR SUUCESS ESPECIALLY THE EDC AT PARLIMANET IN 2016 AND AGAIN WE WERE ONCE INVITED TO SIT FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT BUDGET SOMETIMES LAST YEAR.
  •    Proper filing
  • Conducted  All Night Prayers at Bhuga, Khumbela and Jerusalem and Revivals at Bhuga and Makoko
  • Youth Camp Services is taking place annually
  • Home Visits and Women Lessons were conducted
  • Meetings And Leadership Seminars have been conducted
  • Established Praise & Worship Teams with proper Sound Systems
  • Opening of Church Individual Bank Accounts
  • Sound Financial Management System
  • Establishment of Sound & Strong Leadership through appointments by Apostle
  • Appointment of Local Pastors assisting the Apostle
  • Developed and successfully implemented both Yearly Itinerary and Preaching Plan
  • Developed a Church Website – hucwhitehazynsikazi.co.za
  • Church Communication Strategy has been developed
  • Efforts of Ordination of two HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi (Pastor MH Muhari and Pastor BR Khoza) are at an advanced stage
  • Efforts of letters and motivation for Circuit-ship have yielded positive results, approval is imminent
  • Managed to introduce Pastor MG Mbuyane and Pastor MU Hadebe both to HUC District and National
  • Facilitated the Construction and functioning of both ECD (Early Child Development) And CNDC (Child Nutrition Development Centre)
  • Facilitated the construction of the Waste Management Company
  • Facilitated for the appointment of unemployed individuals and reduction of the Triple Challenges facing our Society through the establishment of the two mentioned Centres- Hloyisane


  • To ensure that HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi obtained Circuit-ship in June 2017
  • To ensure that Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane and Pastor BR Khoza’s application is approved in June 2017 and finally ordained in December 2017
  • To mobilize more additional funding to the HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Account to rise from R15 000 to R75 800 a month and it should be achieved in July 2017
  • To increase salaries for All Pastors and Workers of HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi with 70% so that no Pastor earns less than R8 500 by February 2018
  • To establish both Financial Policy and Financial Committee by September 2017
  • To conclude with renovations and construction of appropriate church structures including at least One Auditorium by 2018 June
  • To be able to Launch and Inaugurate HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi by November 2017 pending approval of Circuit-ship by HUC National Conference in June 2017
  • To establish and launch the Various Committees for All Leagues at the level of HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi by September 2017
  • To ensure establishment of Five additional branches in Mahhushu, Mgcobaneni, Chweni, Mganduzweni and Mshadza by November 2018. Mgcobaneni, Mganduzweni and Mahhushu are to established on or before September 2017.
  • Continue to grow HUC Bhuga and Jerusalem as Tikhondlakhondla Financial Reservoir considering that once a Circuit-ship status is granted we shall be obligated for the followings:
  • Attending All District Leagues Services and ensure that all their Contributions are honored
  • Attend to all District Fellowship Services and further fully participate in all Contributions such as Good-Friday R30 00, Contribution towards payment of monthly salary to the Security at the Center, Contributions towards the construction of Church Centre
  • Payment of tithes of tithes to National on a monthly basis

In deed there a number of contributions and challenges which we will be required to attend too hence the issue of Reservoir is here to stay and the Apostle will ensure fully implementation in the two branches working with the Local Pastor until the Circuit-to be is fully grown up financially

  • Implementation of the Re-allocation and Rotation of Pastors by the Apostle to enhance growth and good performance and that will take place when necessary
  • To conduct awareness campaign and marketing and branding of the HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi by the following innovations (Branded T- Shirts, Caps, Cups, Towels, Pastors And Leadership Business Cards, Diaries and Calendars). The Treasure Ms JB Zulu shall take charge and ensure implementation on or before October 2017 and that will be regarded as Fundraising Strategy.
  • Major Revival to be organized at HUC Jerusalem on or before September
  • Ensure that an Asset Register is created and updated, All Church Equipment’s and Materials are to be barcoded and Treasure to fulfill it by November 2017
  • Announcement Books and Church Interior Decor for a good corporate image shall be enhanced beginning Sunday, 25 June 2017.
  • Increase Membership to be above 300 per branch through Home, Hospital & School Visits, Marketing – Social Media, Awareness Campaign & Outreach, Hand-outs oF Church Magazines
  • Creation of vibrancy through music should be fully monitored hence the employment of a Musical Pastor is to be implemented by February 2018
  • Procurement of a Church Branded Bakkie/LDV and completion of the Apostle’s fully fledged Office in Bhuga and Jerusalem, and that should be achieved by November 2018
  • Continue providing monitoring and evaluation by conducting random visits to All Branches and again as per the Preaching Plan and Itineraries – Pastor MH Muhari
  • Maximize and strengthening of the Fellowship Services And Church Councils to enforce growth, creation of strong leadership, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Continue with the provision of social responsibility through Outreach and Mission Work


(a). To glorify God: to promote Christians to reflect the light of the Son and bring glory to God, so that the Church will be brought to the fulfilment of her purpose in glorifying God (Rom. 15:6; Eph. 3:21). Essentially this glorying involves worship, which are man’s expressions towards God through his actions, attitudes, words and possessions. To promote and preserve the unity of the Church at all times, but never at the cost of any compromise of the truth. To maintain at all times activities of fellowship with believers, churches, and other Christian organizations, that shares our Christian values.

(b). To equip believers:  according to Ephesians 4:11 the Church is to indoctrinate herself so that she may not only stand, but also move ahead to conquer new souls for the Kingdom. All our functions should keep in view the dynamic importance of the teaching (2 Timothy 2:2) that every believer should be in a learning group in a local church. Romans 12 exhort the Church to use the gift she has. Uninvolvement is biblical unacceptable therefore as a Church we must denounce it. Christianity is not a one man’s show: IT IS A TEAM EFFORT.

©. To maintain holiness: Christ gave Himself for the Church for the purpose of holiness maintenance. There is a purging that is performed chiefly through divine Chastening (John 15:2; Heb.21: 10). To promote a believer into performing a purging on his own life. To promote a Church towards a cleansing process that a church is biblically asked to (1Cor.5:6’7’13). The early Church practised church discipline, and the present church is not excused from the same duty. Divisions, heresies and immoralities are New Testament causes for discipline (See Eph.5: 1-8, Titus 3:3-11). To cultivate at trustworthiness and truthful church with which it will be said in the day of Christ’s return “His bride has made herself ready” (Rev 19:7).  To promote local churches to be as closed in approximation to the true church in its glory as possible.

 (d). To evangelize the World: the great commission in Mt. 28 charges the church not to “convert” the world, but to” evangelize” the world. We know that not all the world will receive Christ, but the Church duty is to proclaim Him. THIS IS THE CLIMAX OF OUR OBJECTIVES, the Church must realize that she is in the midst of the greatest challenge of her history. To promote mass media, advance transportation, means of communication and education to make evangelism possible for the world, in this generation than any previous generation in the history of the mankind. Since the World needs to be transformed, we need to enthuse the truly committed Christians to make a difference in the Church. Revolutions demand unwavering concern and if the world is to be transformed for Christ, God’s revelation is going to require more than a handful of well-meaning people whom want to make their social contribution for Jesus.

 (e). To suffer if necessary: To promote Christians not to renounce suffering since the Apostle Peter said we are called for this purpose (1Peter 2:21). We are to proclaim the gospel in a world that hates Christ and all who belong to Him (Jn.15: 18-25), it is obvious that there will be the occasions of suffering. A CHURCH THAT IS SERIOUSLY AND HONESTLY DEMONSTRATING CHRIST WILL BE TESTED (2 Tim 3:12). However that is also the Church that will know the blessing and joy of the Lord (1Peter 4:12-14)

(f) To await His return: To promote the Church to be watchful, steadfast, immovable and waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since Christ Himself is building the Church (Mt 16: 18), He will also bring about its calumniation by the physically uniting of the body to the head. He will return for His Church (1Thes. 4:13-18).

(g). Helping the Needy: To develop the believer’s sensitivity to the needs of others, a sympathetic understanding of people and their problems, and prepares the Church to their greatest contribution to human welfare.

9.  In closing, the speech for the Apostle is the base and opportunity for the Church to establish the followings:

  • HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Priorities in a form of Marching Orders/ Strategic Plan Document – Ms TS Ndashe And Pastor MH Muhari
  • We should go for a Strategic Planning Session hence the Two have been tasked so that we revise our Vision, Mission, Goals and we spend time on the Scanning of Internal and External Environment
  • HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Implementation Plan – Ms TS Ndashe  And Operational Plan shall then be done by Administrators at Branch Levels
  • HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Policy – Ms TS Ndashe and her Administrative Team, they should draft a policy from the speech of the Apostle, in a normal instances when a Leader have spoken, structures should then develop policies to align themselves with the Pronouncement of the Leader
  • HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Code Of Conduct – Church Council
  • A Program/Plan on the Construction a Prayer Center to address the issue of Prayer, We really need Praying People, who will be praying for us otherwise we will be weak – Ms MH Muhari
  • HUC Financial Policy And Distribution of Well Printed Envelopes as Fund-Raising – Ms JB Zulu

We should run church business like, Johan 9:4 “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work”.  Honesty is marked as being free from deceit or untruthfulness, being sincere. The Christian life should be one marked with integrity and honesty, yet because we all sin and find it easy to do so, honesty is something we must work hard at! A honest life is important on so many levels from relationships with spouses and children, at our workplace, and interacting with our neighbors. Matthew 7:16 tells us that we are known by our fruit. Let us be examples of a God of truth and life by living lives of integrity and truthfulness. Read the below Bible verses on honesty and remember God’s blessings on those who live by truthful words and actions!

2 Corinthians 8:21 “

21 For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.

2 Timothy 2:15

15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

Colossians 3:9

9 Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices

Ephesians 4:25

25 Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.


Psalm 112:5

5 Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.

Philippians 4:8-9

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Proverbs 6:16-20

16 There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: 17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, 18 a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, 19 a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. 20 My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

Thank You, Be Blessed


Apostle OB Magagula

HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi

072 446 2567/ 074 433 3290/013-7480127

Email, magagulaob@gmail.com


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