Resolved by the Pastor OB Magagula on behalf of HUC  WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership/Executive

  • The HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi shall operate subject to the condition set out in itsDoctrine, Constitution and Policies and Pastoral Communications subsequently agreed to by the entire WhiteHazyNsikazi  Leadership for the purpose of clarity or for exemption from or administration purposes.
  • The WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches within their territories are hereby authorized to sign Branche’s policies further to be approved by the Pastor and WhiteHazyNsikazi Executive/Leadership.
  • The Pastor is hereby authorized by this WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership to supervise the operation of this Doctrine and all are subject to discipline. When the Three Branches of WhiteHazyNsikazi have failed, the Pastor is herewith authorized to exercise this Doctrine in rebuking or admonishing or correcting the affairs and the members of the Church.
  • Helgelseforbundent Sweden found the Church, Herein the Church has solemnly agreed that the Name of the Church shall “HOLINESS UNION CHURCH WHITEHAZYNSIKAZI BRANCHES” and it shall be officially abbreviated as “HUC”. They solemnly pledge themselves to be governed by this Doctrine and Policies and its provisions in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit under the name and philosophy of Holiness Union Church.
  • The Pastor and HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi l is hereby conferring all Authorities to this Doctrine and its provisions (Acts, Ordinances and by-laws) to be fully exercised her members. And that all Branch Councils shall on behalf of the WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership supervise its execution and practice, and that all Branch Councils shall be accountable to the Pastor and WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership to the submission of this Doctrine.

In the witness whereof HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership and seal this ___________, day of  __________________ 2014


TheHUC WhiteHazyNsikazi  Chief Administrator

Mrs TS Ndashe


The HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Senior Pastor

Pastor OB Magagula


  1. The Name of Churches/Branches  under the Stewardship of Pastor OB Magagula

The Name of the Branches shall be “Holiness Union Church WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches”

  1. The Statement of our Faith and Doctrine of the WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches
  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that is inert in the original manuscripts and preached by God in its verbal, plenary inspiration, and that is a divinely authoritative standard for every age and every life (2Tim.3:16; 2Kings 17:13-14; Neh.9:30; Mt.22;43-44; 1 COR.2:13; Heb.1: 1-2; 1Pet.1: 10-13; 2Pet.1: 20-21)
  • We believe that the Godhead exists eternally in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and that these are one God. God is absolute and sole creator of the universe and that the creation was by a divine feat, not through evolutionary process. God by sovereignty choice and out of love for men, sent Christ into the world to save sinners (Deut.6: 4; Mt 28: 19; 2Cor .13; Eph 1: 31-33, Rev. 1: 4-5.
  • We believe that Jesus in the fresh was both God and Man, that He was born of a virgin and that He lived a sinless life, in which that He taught and wrought might works, wonders and signs exactly as revealed in the four gospels. That He was crucified, died as a penalty for our sins, and was raised from death on the third day.  Later  he ascended to the Father’s right hand where He is the head of the Church and intercedes for the believers and whence He is coming again personally, bodily and visibly  (Mt.1: 20-23; Lk.1:35; mat 3: 16-17; Acts 10: 38; 1Pet. 1:2; 2Cor.1:21-22; Eph.1: 3-14; Ti.3: 4-6; Eph.2:22; Jn.20:21-22; Acts 7:55; Acts 5: 31-32.
  • We believe in Christ’s death, by His shed blood, the Lord Jesus made perfect sacrifice atonement for sin, redeeming us from the curses of the law by becoming a curse for us. Men are justified on the single and simple ground of the shed blood. Therefore such a gospel which its forgiveness of sins, its impartation of the new nature, its hope for eternal life, is entirely  apart from good works, baptism, church membership or man’s effort and is of pure grace (Heb. 9: 11-15; 10:8-14; Gal.3:10-14;4: 4-7; Eph.2: 8-9)
  • We believe that man was created in the image of God, that he sinned and thereby incurred not only by physical death, but also spiritual death, by which is separation from God, and in consequence of the “FALL”, all human beings are born with sinful nature (Gen.1: 26-27; Rom. 3:9-12; Ps.14: 1-3; Gen. 6: 5-13; Eph. 2:1-3; Rom. 5: 12-14; 6:16-20; 2 Cor. 4: 4)
  • Therefore in the universality and heinousness of sin, and in the necessity of being saved by grace, and that Son-ship  with God is attained only be regeneration through the Holy Spirit, and faith in Jesus Christ alone (Rom.3:23; 1 COR.12: 12-13; Eph. 2:8-9; 4:,5)
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son, His personality, and the third person of the Triune Godhead, He is omnipresent and thus : Christ continues to be in each believer through the Holy Spirit; He is an ever  blessed object of our worship, love and praise, who shares the same divine nature as the Father and the on: that He came down onto the earth on the day of Pentecost, and in His office to convict the world in respect of sin, and of righteousness and of judgement, and   to indwell believers as their Teacher, Sanctifier and Comforter  (Jn.14: 16; Rom.8: 9; Gen.1:2; 2Sam.23: 2; Gal.4: 6; 1Pet.1:11; 1John.2:1; Acts 11:12; Gal.5:22;Is.61:1-3; Jn.4:23-24; Acts 2:1-4; Jn. 16:7-15.
  • We believe that God manifests Himself in all aspects of life through creation, Holy Scriptures and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Ghost that are presently and permanently operating decently and in order  (Rom.1: 20; John 1: 1-2; Ps.119: 89; 1Cor.12: 4-6; Eph.4: 11; 1 cor. 14:40.
  • We believe that all who receive Christ become joint-heirs with Christ, and at death their spirit depart to be with Christ in conscious blessedness and of the rapture their bodies will be raised to the likeness of the body of His Glory and dwell forever in His divine presence (Col.3:3; Jn. 11: 25-26; 1Jn.3:2; Rev. 2: 26-27)
  • We believe that the just and the unjust will resurrect, the judgement of the living and the dead, and the everlasting punishment of the lost (Mt.25: 31-34; 1Thes. 4:13-18; Rev.20:11-15)
  • We believe in the holy ordinances and that they should be given a central focus in the fellowship of believers (i.e. dedication of infants, baptism by immersion, Lord’s Supper, ordination and holy matrimony)
  • We believe in Christ’s great commission, saved men and women are called to serve the Lord to all parts of the entire world spreading the gospel by evangelising, baptising  and teaching all Christ’s doctrines. And this is the very centre of our mission work. In the gospel of Mark, all saved men and women either Ministers or Sitters in the Church are called to a personal witnessing of the good news and thus bringing them unto repentance, and that all Saints are called not by good works but unto good works through serving both God and others (Mt.28:16-20; Mk.16:15-16)


  • To glorify God: to promote Christians to reflect the light of the Son and bring glory to God, so that the Church will be brought to the fulfilment of her purpose in glorifying God (Rom. 15:6; Eph. 3:21). Essentially this glorying involves worship, which are man’s expressions towards God through his actions, attitudes, words and possessions. To promote and preserve the unity of the Church at all times, but never at the cost of any compromise of the truth. To maintain at all times activities of fellowship with believers, churches, and other Christian organizations, that shares our Christian values.
  • To equip believers:  according to Ephesians 4:11 the Church is to indoctrinate herself so that she may not only stand, but also move ahead to conquer new souls for the Kingdom. All our functions should keep in view the dynamic importance of the teaching (2 Timothy 2:2) that every believer should be in a learning group in a local church. Romans 12 exhort the Church to use the gift she has. Uninvolvement is biblical unacceptable therefore as a Church we must denounce it. Christianity is not a one man’s show: IT IS A TEAM EFFORT.
  • To maintain holiness: Christ gave Himself for the Church for the purpose of holiness maintenance. There is a purging that is performed chiefly through divine Chastening (John 15:2; Heb.21: 10). To promote a believer into performing a purging on his own life. To promote a Church towards a cleansing process that a church is biblically asked to (1Cor.5:6’7’13). The early Church practised church discipline, and the present church is not excused from the same duty. Divisions, heresies and immoralities are New Testament causes for discipline (See Eph.5: 1-8, Titus 3:3-11). To cultivate at trustworthiness and truthful church with which it will be said in the day of Christ’s return “His bride has made herself ready” (Rev 19:7).  To promote local churches to be as closed in approximation to the true church in its glory as possible.
  • To evangelize the World: the great commission in Mt. 28 charges the church not to “convert” the world, but to” evangelize” the world. We know that not all the world will receive Christ, but the Church duty is to proclaim Him. THIS IS THE CLIMAX OF OUR OBJECTIVES, the Church must realize that she is in the midst of the greatest challenge of her history. To promote mass media, advance transportation, means of communication and education to make evangelism possible for the world, in this generation than any previous generation in the history of the mankind. Since the World needs to be transformed, we need to enthuse the truly committed Christians to make a difference in the Church. Revolutions demand unwavering concern and if the world is to be transformed for Christ, God’s revelation is going to require more than a handful of well meaning people whom want to make their social contribution for Jesus.
  • To suffer if necessary: To promote Christians not to renounce suffering since the Apostle Peter said we are called for this purpose (1Peter 2:21). We are to proclaim the gospel in a world that hates Christ and all who belong to Him (Jn.15: 18-25), it is obvious that there will be the occasions of suffering. A CHURCH THAT IS SERIOUSLY AND HONESTLY DEMONSTRATING CHRIST WILL BE TESTED (2 Tim 3:12). However that is also the Church that will know the blessing and joy of the Lord (1Peter 4:12-14)
  • To await His return: To promote the Church to be watchful, steadfast, immovable and waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since Christ Himself is building the Church (Mt 16: 18), He will also bring about its calumniation by the physically uniting of the body to the head. He will return for His Church (1Thes. 4:13-18).
  • Helping the Needy: To develop the believer’s sensitivity to the needs of others, a sympathetic understanding of people and their problems, and prepares the Church to their greatest contribution to human welfare.


  • The Bible shall be the supreme law of the branches under WhiteHazyNsikazi, and yet the Branches Doctrine and its Policies shall also be the Church Constitution of the Branches and therefore law or act inconsistent with its provision shall be of no force and effect to the extent of the inconsistency.
  • This Doctrine and other Policies of WhiteHazyNsikazi as well as the Communication by the Pastor shall bind all HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches and their Elders down to Members, and judicial organs of the Church at all levels in the Church.
  • This Doctrine and other Policies of the Church shall prohibit racial, gender and all other forms of discrimination and shall promote racial, and gender equality and National Unity.


Whence the supremacy of this Doctrine and its Policies as stated in the abovementioned subsection, thereto the via lotion of this Doctrine or other Church prescripts shall mean to violate the standards of the Bible according to Matt. 18: 18, Joshua 9:19 and Accl 5:4. Those who violet this Doctrine or other forms of the Church prescripts shall be judicially disciplined by the same policies and Doctrine, and the same Doctrine or Policies of the Church shall be used to sue those who insult or intimidate or irritate the Church’s operations within her parameters, or be presented as the Church’s approval document that shall acquit anyone of her member, or stand for her member in the Court or organization’s accusations.


  • Local Church Council shall be a formal meeting of a Local Church/Branch
  • The Local Church Executive Committee shall be composed of Deacons or Stewards representing each Department or League in the Local Church
  • The Chairperson of the Local Church Executive Committee shall be the Local Minister and shall be assisted by an Elder who shall be called an “Assistant Pastor”. The Chairpersonship may be delegated to an Elder or any Capable Individual depending on the approval by the Minister.
  • Where a Local Church cannot for any reasons have her own Pastor, a nearby HUC Pastor shall be asked to assist in shepherding the Local Church according to the rules of the Church.
  • The Local Church or Branch shall seek out own strategies for fundraising; go to other Countries or Areas asking for funds and collection of the tithes from members.


  • Local Church Council shall be a formal meeting of a Local Church
  • The Local Church Executive Committee shall be composed of Deacons or Stewards representing each Leagues or Departments in the Local Church
  • The Chairperson of the Local Church Executive Committee shall be the Local Pastor and shall be assisted by an Elder who shall be called an “Assistant Pastor”


  • It shall be composed of the three (3) or more local Churches , i.e Jerusalem, Bhuga & Makoko
  • The WhiteHazyNsikazi Leadership (Church Council) shall be composed of the Pastor & His Wife,  Assistant Pastors, Chief Administrator, Administrator, Deputy Administrators, Chairpersons of the Local Branches/Churches, Representatives of Youth, Men, Women & Children Ministries.
  •  However, the WhiteHazyNsikazi Executive shall composed of only the Overall Pastor & His Wife,  Assistant Pastors, Chief Administrator, Administrators and Deputy Administrators
  • Shall control and administer the activities, business and undertakings of the Local Branches
  • Shall appoint ad-hoc or Subcommittees from among her members or amongst the Church Council, with which such powers as may be determined by it but in any event subject to their proviso that such Subcommittees shall report their activities in writing to the following meeting of the WhiteHazyNsikazi Executive.
  • Shall be responsible for proper minutes being kept of Executive & Church Council Meetings through its Chief Administrator and Administrator, and shall ensure that proper financial and other records are kept and shall submit a report of activities to each Executive Meetings and Church Council Meetings.
  • Shall judiciary be appropriate qualified, independent and impartial and shall have the power and jurisdiction to safeguard and enforce the Doctrine an Policies of the WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches and all fundamental rights
  • Shall supervise the leadership  of the Local Churches or Branches of WhiteHazyNsikazi
  • The Executive of WhiteHazyNsikazi through its Chief Administrator and the Administrator shall be responsible for :
  • Invitations to Meetings, Church Councils or Services
  • Preparing and Presenting Agenda in case of a Meeting, and a Program in case of Services
  • Presenting financial report through its Treasurer (Assistant Pastor)
  • Presenting the Secretariat Report for the Three Branches – WhiteHazyNsikazi
  • Shall disperse the Church funds through the Treasure. It is the duty of the Treasurer of the Three Branches to present an audited account of money received and disbursed


  • The Local Church or Branch shall have freedom to govern it or control its own affairs.
  • The Local Church or Branch shall accumulate its own funds and they shall be financially independent, however a ten (10) percent (%) of its total income per month shall be deposited to the Circuit Fund for the running of the Circuit Administration.
  • The Local Church or Branch shall have all legislative and judicial powers including any and all such powers as may directly or indirectly necessary or useful for the furtherance of the objectives or interests of the Church or the furtherance of its affairs nothing excepted, provided that the provisions of the Church policy is amended from time to time, be observed
  • The Local Church or Branch shall have powers to appoint its own workers or servants
  • The Local Church or Branch shall be responsible for in paying remuneration of a Pastor or Branch recognized Worker per month to month, not below the minimum remuneration announced by the Circuit.
  • Render or carry out and finalize their business or deliberations of matters in their Own Branches/Local Churches but shall never finalize a case of a Pastor/ Minister, as the Circuit Synod or Circuit Church Council shall prosecute all Pastoral Cases
  • Report or submit straight to the Circuit Church Council through the Circuit Executive without going via any level that may be erected.
  • To structurise and demarcate their Sub-Branches geographically as they may deem fit.
  • Branch or Local Church property shall not be owned by individuals but shall belong to the Branch or Local Church.
  • Send the (ten) 10% (percent) to the Circuit on a monthly basis
  • Select and send their Students who have underwent biblical training and are in probation, and have met their probation standards or have passed their probation tests to the Circuit Church Council for ordination recommendation.
  • Respond to all Circuit Church Council correspondences
  • Be accountable in paying monthly stipends to their own Pastor (s) or Minister(s) or Workers according to the Circuit Church Council requirements
  • The Local Church or Branch shall also be responsible for the overall welfare of its Pastor including the followings:
  1. (Pension and UIF

The employing circuit shall contribute to both pension and UIF.

  1. Annual Increment

The National Conference shall decide on annual salary scales.

  1. Annual Performance Bonus

A circuit may grant their pastor an annual performance bonus based on the contract that the circuit has entered has entered into with her /him.

  1. Allowance for Travel and to attend Meetings

                  A circuit may grant their pastor an annual performance bonus based on the contract that the circuit has entered into with her/him.

  • Leave for the Pastor (s)

The Pastor or any recognized Worker of the Branch shall have two (2) Days per week as off days. Whilst the Pastor or any recognized Worker shall take thirty (30) days per annum for leave, whereof ninety (90) days per annum herein declared for sick leave, herewith shall cease if not used (only the sick leave days)


  • The Chairperson of the Local Church Council or Local Church Executive shall be the Local Minister/ Pastor and shall be assisted by an Elder who shall be called an “Assistant Pastor”.
  • To see that church sites are legally registered, to promote unity and mutual fellowship amongst the local churches.
  • Shall be the overall Leader of the Local Church
  •  To give spiritual food (1Tim.5:17: 1Tim.3:5)
  • Provide nourishing spiritual food
  • For the day by day the life of the church it certainly does point out the need for Pastors to provide a balance diet
  • Guidance
  • This will include all kinds of spiritual counseling, there are people with personal, domestic, and marital problems (Jn.10:4, Acts 20:28-31: Tit.1:9 & 1Pet.5:1-4)
  • companionship
  • One of the afflictions of our contemporarily society is loneliness.
  • These are opportunities for under-shepherd, lonely sheep can be drawn in by love, concern and consideration.
  • Comfort (Ps.23:4)
  • Home going Pastors make for church going people
  • Protection
  • The young, the sick and the spiritually weak need protection.
  • There are wolves set to devour and destroy the flock and the under-shepherd’s staff of protection love is greatly needed.
  • Discipline (Gal.6:1: 2Cor 3:15: Matt.18:15-17
  • Sinning saints, like wondering sheep, must smart under the rod of correction, there is no grace in comprise.
  • Creating a warmly home
  • When we think of a home we think of warmth, family love, and loyal friends. This too is the Pastor’s ministry.
  • A Pastor must do all within his powers in the fellowship with his fellow Preachers to cultivate the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace
  • The Pastor must admonish the disorderly, encourage the fainthearted, support the weak and be long suffering to all (1Thes.5:12-14)
  • Initiation
  • A Pastor with a vision will initiate the implementation of his vision rather than preserving it. A Pastor must be willing to undertake responsibility.
  • Duties of the Pastor or Minister

(a).        Work for pay: Before one can expect a salary, one has to fulfill the requirements of the Church. He must submit an annual report to the Local Executive Committee. No work no pay.

(b).       Hours of work: A Pastor or HUC recognized workers are expected to work as to be agreed per Circuit (it must be clearly written in the Pastoral Performance Agreement)

©.         Official Hours: A Pastor or HUC recognized worker shall respect and give full attention to the duties entrusted to him/her/them

(d).       Absence: A Pastor absenting him or herself for more than 14 Days without reporting to the Church Executive or Circuit Executive/ Circuit Pastor automatically terminates his or her duties and will have to re-apply

(e).       Obedience to Authority: A Pastor shall obey the authorities as long as they do not call matters that contradict the scriptures.

(f).        Quality of Service: A Pastor must perform his or her duties efficiently with punctuality and discipline

  • Elders
  • An Elder shall be a believer who is appointed and commissioned by the Pastor in charge with the approval by the Local Church to assist in the work of the Local Church
  • Shall be a Deputy Chairperson (Assistant Pastor) of a Local Church Executive Committee
  • Shall oversee a Local Church where the Pastors are not yet enough, but that shall be under the commission of the Pastor and approval by the Church.
  • Deacons
  • All Leagues or Departments in a Local Church shall elect their own Committees to govern their affairs
  • Each League or Department in the Local Church shall elect one believer (Deacon) to represent them in the Local Church Executive Committee.
  • After these Deacons have been elected, they shall position themselves into portfolios during their first meeting except that Chairperson and Deputy shall stand as stated in section 2.2 and 2.6.
  • Responsibilities of an Elder
    • Ministering Holy Communion,
    • Introducing the basics of faith and counseling of new believers,
    • Induction of new believers to be baptized,
    • Children’s ministry
    • Worship
    • Prayer and Intercession
    • Ministry to marginalized communities like the poor, orphans, the sick,
    • Evangelistic outreach & Mission,
    • Praying for the sick.
  • Requirement of a Pastor and an Elder
  • S/he must be called of God (1 Timothy 3:1-4)
  • S/he must be married to one spouse,
  • S/he must be upright, self-controlled and sober,
  • S/he must be hospitable,
  • S/he must not be a drunkard or violent personality,
  • S/he must be able to manage his/her own family,
  • S/he must be able to teach,
  • S/he must be matured in faith,
  • S/he must be a person of good reputation. S/he must be of good character and be sincere,
  • S/he must not be a drunkard,
  • S/he must not be greedy of money or dishonest gain.

Section 7:  LOCAL SYNOD

  • The Local Synod shall comprises of the Senior (Overall)Pastor, Assistant Pastors (Elders) and Preachers
  • The Local Synod shall advise the Circuit and shall assist in some issues pertaining the  Church
  • The Local Synod shall be the consultation point of the Church, but shall not nullify the powers vested upon the Circuit Church Council.
  • The Local Synod shall have powers to conduct its own workshops and seminars for sharpening their cutting edges or developing their calling and talents

Section 8: PREACHERS

  • A Preacher shall be a believer who is appointed and commissioned by the Pastor and approved by the Local Church or Branch, then the believer shall be appointed to the Office
  • Shall commission the Preacher into the Preaching Ministry
  • Shall carry out his or her duties according to the rules of the Local Church
  • Shall be a Deputy Chairperson of a Local Reverend/ Minister/ Pastor in the Local Church.
  • Shall oversee a Local Church where Pastors or Ministers are not yet enough, but that be under the commission of the Pastor abd approval by the Local Church
  • The Preacher is to serve the Lord under Local Pastor


(a). All Local Churches desiring to affiliate with Holiness Union Church shall be required to subscribe to the conduct and ethic code of the Church

(b). A member who for three (3) months has not attended Church Services, or partaken of Holy Communion, or has failed to bring regular contributions and offerings shall forfeit or lose his or her right to take active part in deliberations and to hold offices of trust, except when he can show valid reasons approved by the Pastor

©. A member who, owing to error in doctrine or manifest sin and disorderly life or willful negligence of his/her duties as a church member shall be constitutionally excommunicated from the Local Church and lose her or his right to take part in deliberation on congregational affairs, to vote and receive or hold any office of trust in the Church


  • Every Pastor of the Church and all workers of the church as a whole, shall be required to perform their functions and exercise their power in Church Council and heavenly interests and shall be prohibited from furthering or prejudicing selfish or ambitions interests
  • The Policies, Pastoral Communications, Constitution and Proclamation by both Local and Circuit Church Council shall form the Constitution or Law of the Church wherever it said the Constitution or Law of the Church it shall be speaking of these four (4) components.


  • The WhiteHazyNsikazi Branches shall be scriptural forbidden to be involved in ancestral worship (1Sam.28:7, 14-20; Isai.47: 9, 12-15; 8:19-22;19:3-4)
  • Vigil: Our concern to this overnight service is simple that, we shall not embark ourselves in this, rather we shall be compelled to hold a short evening service and thereafter turn up on the following day or morning to run the funeral service
  • About ceremonial uncleanness and ritual cleansing. The members of HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi are cautioned to distinct themselves from the wordly practices. The believer on physical defilement and the need for purification or consecration has been once for all fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ (Heb.9:13; Ezek.36: 25; 27: 30; 1Pet.1:2; Job 2:12)


  • Conduct your life in manner befitting a Christian life in accordance with the teaching of the Bible
  • Do not criticize publicly the administration of the Church, rather use the proper channels to present your constructive criticism and comments
  • Do not misuse the Church Property because this is regarded as a serious transgression
  • Do not use the Church property or any other method to generate illegal profit
  • Work for pay to avoid “a No work no pay” situation
  • Observe hours of work, meetings and Activities or Services
  • Be prepared to work weekends and public holidays
  • Make your absence official by reporting to your Senior Board or Leadership
  • Obey God and Church Authority / Leadership
  • Deliver Quality Services
  • Declare other employment and hush money activities for approval/disapproval
  • Do not cause divisions and split in the Church
  • Avoid bribery, favouritism and nepotism
  • Church Members comes First
  • To know that the Church does not allow specific garments for the workers or members in the Church, but they must be neat and presentable at all times


  • A Pastor or Assistant Pastor and any Church Member shall be subject to  Church discipline and fair hearing and treatment through an agreed upon format laid down by the Leadership of WhiteHazyNsikazi
  • The Local Church Executive Committees (obvious its led by a Pastor) shall treat Elders and Preacher’s cases into finalization however in case of the Pastor, his case will be treated by the higher Authority (C circuit or National)
  • The Local Church Executive Committee (obvious its led by a Pastor) shall treat a Church Member’s case into finalization

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