Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd and the Head of the body of Christ. Amen. It is of great pleasure to address you on this wonderful day after we have passed over to the new year. I believe you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration and that everyone has spent more time with his family during this Christmas than friends. I highly appreciate those who honoured Church service during Christmas and New Year, we are now declaring that we shall have Christmas Services at 09h00 every Christmas Day because it is in this service that our families are secured by the Lord. In fact, we cannot celebrate His day of birth without involving Him. Secondly, I also appreciate everyone who takes serious

attention to all Crossover Services and I also declare that as a Circuit going forward, we shall hold our own Crossover Revival Celebrations to make it as is our custom to break a year with the Lord and after having learnt from His Word. The Crossover Revival shall be a very serious revival because it will be setting a tone and standard of your life, family and the church for the coming year and the Pastor responsible for Revival Crusade will ensure that she works very close to the Circuit Pastor in order for the said Celebration is achieved every year.

I would like to appreciate everyone who contributed in all offerings of the church especially tithes because without tithes we cannot run this church. This is one of the most difficult areas in the academy of worship and this hit hard on those who collect these offerings especially when the needs of the offerings become inadequate to meet demand of the time as a result they end up getting into their pockets. God sees them and God is speedily bringing their season of abundance and restoration of peace in every area of their lives. You would all agree with me that our Chief Administrator has played a vital role as far as Church Administration is concern, she has been pulling all sides, talking to Branch Administrators and Branch Treasures in an ensuring that a Vision of the Circuit Pastor and Apostle is realized. In fact, I would also appreciate the Circuit Treasure together with Branch Treasures and Administrators especially those who have heeded to the Call. I am aware that some Branches were reluctant and I am taking this opportunity to request the Pastors to encourage them and ensure that they comply and begin to yield the desired outcome.

I will continue spending more time as a Circuit Pastor to personally grow our Reservoir Branches (Jerusalem & Bhuga), of course with the assistance of the Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane, our Revival Crusade Pastor.

2017 has been the most difficult year because our economy drastically ebbed since the country experienced major of setbacks and this affected our lifestyle because prices went up while salaries weren’t increased and unemployment rate escalated. This affects us a lot because we who are working have to take responsibility of those who are unemployed. We are praying for our country that God this time around gives us a better government who will put the interests of the citizens in their heart. We cannot continue as if nothing wrong is

happening in the highest leadership of the country since it is the obligation of the church to pray for the government authorities. One of the reasons why we are faced with the current pandemonium and haphazard South Africa is that the church has left her place. We have to pray to God to direct the political organisations to elect leaders who are above reproach, leaders of integrity and leaders who who by their actions will set high moral standards for the citizens of our beloved country.

2017 has also not been a good in some of us due to its ups and downs, in the Church we have lost a key number of members who are currently with Lord. I would like to take this opportunity once more to pass our heartfelt condolences to all our members who have lost their loves. Some they lost business opportunities and some have not done well academically, we are encouraging them as a Church that trusting the Lord is the only way to go. I also want to personally thank and appreciate my family especially my wife for the continuous support she is giving me. I also appreciate some certain individual members of the Church who are consistently supporting me and my family financially and morale wise.

Before declaring the Theme of the year 2018, I would love indicate that we have made great strides as a Church in 2017, you would recall that we had our Theme for the year which said “Lord Increase My Visibility or Sight” And indeed the Lord has opened our eyes because we have achieved a number of things in 2017 which are as follows:

  • Establishment and Launching Of our own HUC WhiteHazyNsikazi Circuit.
  • Successfully Inaugurated Apostle OB Magagula as Circuit Pastor
  • Successfully appointed and established all the various Ministries/Leagues Leaders within the Circuit
  • Ordination of Pastor MH Muhari Sekwane
  • Our Major Activities including Revivals, Fellowships, Weddings ect,  were successful held or conducted
  • Establishment of a New Branch called Mgcobaneni
  • Successfully Drafted HUC WhiteHayNsikazi Policy
  • Successfully established a Strong Leadership & Structures of the Church

In view of the above, I therefore remind the Church about our existence as HUC WhiteHayNsikazi, we  are a Development, a Welfare & Community Oriented Church which has positioned itself as an agent for change especially in people’s lives and in the Communities. Our Vision is about being an equipping and mobilizing church that transforms the world for Jesus Christ.

Our 2018 THEM OF THE YEAR IS AS FOLLOWS: “JESUS IS OUR TENDER LORD” we are deriving it from the book of Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised reed He will not break And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish; He will faithfully bring forth justice.

A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment to truth.

  • He will not hurt the weak and feeble, but support and comfort them.
  • Meaning, the wick of a lamp or candle which is almost out, but he will cherish it and snuff it, that it may shine brighter.
  • Although he favours the weak, yet will he not spare the wicked, but will judge them according to truth and equity.

He does not “break” the “bruised reed”. He does not “quench” the “smoking flax”. It is not true that He has had compassion on many “bruised reeds” in this building? Have there not been times when Our Tender Lord passed by when you were useless and weak? Have there not been times when it would have been easy for Him to simply break you in two and be finished with you?

I sincerely beseech the leadership of The Circuit, Pastors, Preachers and Various Leadership of the Worship Team to do what is right to pick this term up and return your teams, to your biblical place and conduct. I trust the leadership will adhere to the expected occassion.

We are all bound to keep time. Time is an asset given to us all by God so as God’s beings made in His image we must respect God by keeping time. Church starts at 10h00 to 12h30. Understand that this time is made to benefit you and me. The Chief Administrator who is the Personal Assistance to the Circuit Pastor & Apostle will ensure that the speech is distributed to all members and fully implemented by all Branches.

We have ensure that we develop our both 2018 Preaching Plan and Yearly Itinerary in line with the above marching order from the Circuit Pastor so that his vison is realized and the Chief Administrator will ensure that all the plans are able to reach the branches and further implemented and monitored. In each Brach, there shall be an Announcement Book and each an every Sunday, the Church will be provided with the statistics of the attendance so that it becomes easy to evaluate and monitor numerical growth in the Branch

I wish you the best as you work out your dream this year and I pronounce success over your life.



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